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All our Mini Dancers (air dancer mini tube dancer, dancing cell phones) are made of durable 1.1 oz silicone coated rip-stop nylon (parachute material) and are double stitched with high strength polyester thread. This makes our Mini Dancers the strongest dancing inflatables on the market. Customize your Mini Dancers with your company logo, graphics or lettering. A "Happy Face" can be added to each Mini Dancers at no additional cost. Custom sizes and designs available upon request. With our new lighting system you can illuminate your inflatable at night so you can get 24 hrs of exposure.

Please note that the colors displayed on your monitor only represent the actual colors. Custom colors are available for an additional charge and additional production time. Can be chosen any color.

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Air Dancers > Mini Dancers
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Mini Dancers,air dancer mini tube dancer,dancing cell phones
Mini Dancers,air dancer mini tube dancer,dancing cell phones
Mini Dancers,air dancer mini tube dancer
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Mini Dancers,Christmas Air Dancers,Christmas Dancing
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A giant inflatable tube & figure that vertically twist & wiggle above ground, fly up to 2 to 14m instantly in the air and dance around. Walking Products that can interact with people at trade shows, sporting events, and anywhere you might need. These characters are a great way of getting attention and extremely memorable.

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